The Reunion Choir (1991-2018)

The Ministry of Praise Choir will be celebrating 27 years within the choral singing Industry. On the 20th and the 21st October 2018,  to mark this exuberant occasion, there will be two gospel concerts taking place.

Please see below, for the following dates:

Saturday 20th October 2018, Gospel Concert , doors open at 6pm. The Liberty Church , Frobisher Road, Londion N8 0QX-Free Entry

Main Event Sunday 21st October 2018, doors open at 6pm , musical celebration at the Ministry of Praise Church, 46 Manor Road, London N17 0JJ-Free Entry

The Above event will be an appreciation of Pastor Monica Hyacinth Thompson founder of Ministry of Praise Church and David Levale founder of Ministry of Praise Choir.

Annual Retreat

Back By Popular Demand Ashburnham Place

A Place of retreat, Rejuvenation and Reconnection with God. The Retreat is set in 220 acres of beautiful scenery, just cast your mind back to the garden of eden and only then can you understand the true beauty of Ashburnham Place.

No Phones, No Media , No TV , No Internet , the only device you will be plugging in to charge, is your Body , Soul and Spirit.

If you wish to attend, Please see below for coordinator’s contact’s details:

Asst Pastor Cherry Legister

Tel: 07939 313 861